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Thanks to the fine people at mmo-champion we have screenshots of all the new and old dungeon maps.
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StarCraft II

Two extremely entertaining showmatches were played last week during the 2010 European Warcraft Invitational, with Dario “LiquidTLO” Wünsch winning in a very close series against Fredrik “SK.MaDFroG” Johansson on both Saturday and Sunday. You can find recaps of the games and VODs in the official thread on the StarCraft II Community Site forum. Make sure to watch the video interview with LiquidTLO, conducted by GosuGamers, after his first match against MaDFroG. We will see both players battling it out again pretty soon, as Electronic Sports League recently announced the groups for the Intel Extreme Masters tournament. This amazing event, with a stunning $15,000 prize pool, will take place at this year’s gamescom in Cologne, Germany, from August 19 to 22.

StarCraft II Community Forum Thread:
Gosugamers Intervierw with LiquidTLO:
Gosugamers Website:
Intel Extreme Masters Groups Announcement:

Terran player Jeffrey “SjoW” Brusi from Sweden won the first post-release StarCraft II ZOTAC-Cup last Sunday. His way to the top was paved with challenges, but he emerged victorious and in his final match beat one of the Germany’s best: Giacomo “Sockeh” Thüs. Check out the recap of the final over at SK-Gaming.

Recap at SK Gaming:

Warcraft III

The 2010 European Warcraft Invitational concluded last weekend and everyone who gathered either on location or on the stream was treated to plenty of epic games between some of the finest European players. In the end Manuel “EG.Grubby” Schenkhuizen and Dmitry “Happy” Kostin were the last two standing, qualifying for the BlizzCon global finals and grabbing $5,000 and $2,000 in prize money respectively. To see the brackets, recaps and videos of all the games check out the news feed on the official website and the video section.

2010 Warcraft Invitational Website:
2010 Warcraft Invitational Videos:

With some of the best European players busy at the 2010 European Warcraft Invitational it was a great opportunity for the rest of the world in the 149th edition of the ZOTAC-Cup. It was not to be for most, however, as German Night Elf player Tobias “ReiGn” Muth dominated the field, beating some of the best players in the world on his way to victory – most noticeably South Korean Orc star Hyo Sub “FoCuS” Eom in the final.


World of Warcraft

The team around Enigmz, Against All Authority, won the 2010 European Warcraft Invitational World of Warcraft Arena tournament, toppling the other seven teams fighting for prizes, glory and two spots at this year’s BlizzCon global finals. The other team to represent Europe will be LightZ CaMerA ActioN, who after dropping to the losers’ bracket early in the tournament managed to fight their way through and secure a spot of their own. You can check both teams’ way to the top on the official news feed from the event, as well as in the brackets and videos sections. Finally, be sure to head over to to check out the gallery from the event and watch the first part of the 2010 EWI movie.

2010 Warcraft Invitational Website:
2010 Warcraft Invitational Videos:
Hydramist EU Invitational Coverage:


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