Quick Gold tips, Reforging preview, Cataclysm fury warrior preview

Farming and Posting:

  1. Get auctioneer and scan every 12 hours if possible.
  2. Go kill boars or crawlers.
  3. Look at the auction house for the items you picked up.
  4. Ask yourself, what is someone willing to pay for this item? Would I buy a piece of boar meat for 1 gold if I needed to skill up my cooking?
  5. Analyze the values on the auction house and ignore ridiculously priced items while buying up really cheap ones. Use auctioneer to see how the values match up against market value using the PCT column.
  6. Relist your items but do not flood the market. Estimate how many you think you’ll sell in one day or however long you list your items for.
  7. Using trial and error, see how many sell and when depending on day of the week and amount posted as well as competition present. It’s a learning experience even at this level.

Vendors and Market Management



Tips at: Justmytwocopper.org


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