Things you didn’t know existed in wow – updated

” Tying into the Lordaeron thing, there’s the smattering of blood on the throne room floor. Pretty nice touch.

When I found out about the Nagrand Nursery, up there in the northern Nagrand mountains, I just -had- to check it out. I still go there from time to time. “

” Just outside of Goldshire there is a house on Crystal Lake with some skinning trainer and trade supplies women in the lower level. If you go up stairs you will notice the music change into some creepy type of song. Additionally there are sometimes five children there who now stand in the shape of an hour glass, but used to stand in the shape of a pentagram. If you go into the house around 7:40ish a.m. server time and wait five minutes you will hear either a banshee scream, or a voice clip that says “You will die.” The voice clip is actually from C’thun, an old raid boss. I believe the soundclips play at 7:45, but I can’t recall. I have done this and heard the voice though. Crystal Lake is a reference to the Friday the 13th movies, and an NPC named Jason Mathers is standing on the dock outside.

– update ( he drops a couple f bombs be warned )

In the ruins of Lordearan if you have detect invisibility cast (warlock spell from felhound) you will see a bunch of neutral ghosts in the courtyard. Also you will see ghosts at Raven Hill cemetery in the houses with this spell cast, named the unforgiven. If you don’t have the spell, you can still cast an AoE spell in the houses here and you will enter combat with an invisible being. “

” In the Western Plague Lands, there is a cave (can’t recall the name I think it’s weeping quarry or something). Anyway, there are mostly a bunch of slimes in there. There is one in particular that has a mana bar and will actually cast spells. In the older days of the game this slime would rarely drop an item called [Timolaine’s Phylactery]. If you follow the lore at all Timolaine was a wizard or something who supposedly crafted ashbringer (can’t remember exactly here either). Anyway, after crafting it he was killed by the scarlet crusade, and people used to speculate that he was turned into a slime in this cave. It was believed the phylactery was going to be used in a quest somehow related to ashbringer, but nothing ever became of it, and later blizzard actually got rid of this item altogether.

Also a couple more things relating to the ashbringer: The corrupted ashbringer used to drop in the old version of Naxx, and players could equip it. If you did equip it and entered the Scarlet Cathedral instance in Scarlet Monastery, you would be disguised as a scarlet crusader and all the enemies would become friendly. When you approached the boss of the instance crusader mograine, (son and betrayer of the original wielder) you would see a ghost of the original mograine appear and kill crusader mograine. You can look it up on youtube.

– update

In the Old Hillsbrad instance in caverns of time you can see a bunch of easter eggs. Firstly you can find five more creepy children still standing in a pentagram shape just outside of southshore. (see my first post for other creepy children) You can also find all sorts of old characters here. If you are in southshore you will see younger versions of Interigator Vishas, Whitemaine, Herrod, and Mograine playing around with eachother. (the bosses from scarlet monastery). If you enter the inn and wait a bit, you will see how the ashbringer comes to be, and several lore characters talking including Tirrion and the elder Mograine. Also you can find Kel’Thuzad and Helcule talking outside. Captain Sanders and some other captain are talking as well (you can find a quest for captain sanders treasure in Westfall) Nat Pagle is fishing off the dock here. And finally Stalvan Mistmantle is sleeping upstairs in the inn (from the quest legend of Stalvan) “

Full forum post here

It is 60 pages long , but guarantee you will learn something new.


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