Tier 11 preview druid, rogue, warlock, and warrior





Sorry only the helm for right now


off topic: My minecraft site

So as you guys know I have not been posting as much as I should be , for that I am very sorry. I am currently working on a Minecraft website. If you want to help me out please email me at monchew@minecraftsource.com I will get back to you as soon as I can, or you can always comment on here. My website is called Minecraft Source

If you do not know what  minecraft is , first off do you live under a rock? If yes , then I am sorry for you but this is not about where you live this is about the Indie hit minecraft.

This trailor does it justice

Gear scaling in cata

You’re too focused on hit alone.

This piece of gear wouldn’t exist, but to save me from having to make three versions, consider this series of boots:

Level 83 quest blues with 10 attack power, 10 Stamina, 10 crit, 10 hit, 10 parry.
Level 85 quest blues with 12 attack power, 12 Stamina, 12 crit, 12 hit, 12 parry.
Level 85 tier 1 raid with 14 attack power, 14 Stamina, 14 crit, 14 hit, 14 parry.
Level 85 tier 2 raid with 16 attack power, 16 Stamina, 16 crit, 16 hit, 16 parry.

When yo go from level 83 to level 85 you stay at the same amount of power relative to creatures. Why? Because the creatures are gaining levels. Their health goes up, so you need that extra AP. Their damage goes up, so you need that extra health. Your chance to crit and hit and parry them goes down, so you need those stats as well.

So far, so good.

When you start raiding, the bosses are level 88. This makes them a little harder to hit and everything, so you need that extra budget on your gear to keep up. Still not a problem.

Now let’s look at the final piece of gear. You’re going from a tier 1 raid to a tier 2 raid. The boss hits harder so you need that health. The boss has more health, so you need that attack power. But the boss is still level 88 like he was in tier 1. This means you crit him more than the previous boss, because your crit went up. You do more damage to the harder boss than to the easier boss. You also hit him more (unless you’re hit capped, which you probably are) and you parry him more.

We solved, in an awkward way, the parry problem in Icecrown by putting a debuff on you. That basically allowed the creatures to scale with your gear. We couldn’t solve the crit or hit problems, so players just became more and more powerful and eventually capped those stats (or got close to it in the case of crit). Just as players are often very worried (and sometimes rightfully so) about not scaling with gear, the bosses were not scaling with your gear. All of those problems that can happen to players when their damage (or healing or tanking) don’t scale were happening to the bosses. You were scaling too well with crit, hit and parry.

A different way to go would be that the tier 2 raid boss is actually level 89 or 90 instead of level 88. Then you’d naturally need more crit and hit and parry to face him. That makes intuitive sense, but it does some weird things to our game because creature levels were never intended to be used that way. For example, the boss would get crushing blows and resists. Even worse, it does weird things to the next tier of content. If Deathwing at the end of Cataclysm (spoiler!) is a level 93 boss, then what is the first boss at the end of the next expansion? Level 93? Level 90? Level 96?

Instead, we are just faking the bosses gaining levels. We haven’t worked out the exact mechanic yet, but imagine they are level 88++ or level 88.3 or level 88 SKULL SKULL BAD SKULL. As you get more powerful and get better gear, they get more powerful… exactly like all those bosses you handled while leveling up. Rather than critting and hitting the more dangerous opponents more often, your relative power stays about the same. You scale.

Neilyo’s keybindings

1: Evis+Startattack+Rocket Glvoes -Stealth: Unstealth -Shift 1: Racial -Ctrl 1: Bandage
2: Startattack Backstab/Mut -Stealth: Ambush -Shift 2 – PvP Trinket
3: Kidney -Stealth: Sap Macro -Shift 3: Secondary Trinket -Alt 3: Throw -Ctrl 3: FocusThrow
4: Gouge -Stealth: Garrote -Shift 4: Focus Gouge
5: Fan of Knives -Shift 5: Healthstone
6: Distract
~: Rupture (cold blood if I have step AND cold blood move rupture to Alt 2)
Q: Stealth -Stealthed: Cheap Shot -Shift Q: Slice n Dice -Ctrl Q: Mount
W: Forward
E: Blind -Shift E: Focus Blind
R: Kick+startattack -Shift R: Focus Kick -Ctrl R: Deadly Throw -Alt R: Focus Deadly Throw
T: Dismantle -Shift T: Focus Dismantle -Ctrl T: Cannabalize
-Alt T: Vanish+Cannabalize macro
A: Turn/strafe (holding right click) Left
S: Back
D: Turn/Strafe Right
F: Shadowstep -Shift F: Focus Shadowstep
G: Evasion -Shift G: Prep -Ctrl G: Food/cancel Hand of Protection
Z: Sprint -Shift Z: OffHand weapon swap -Alt Z: MainHand weapon swap
X: Startattack Hemo or Envenom -Stealth: Sap -Shift X: Expose -Stealthed Shift X: Focus Sap
C: Cloak -Shift C: Feint
V: Startattack Shiv -Shift V: Focus Shiv
Mouse4: Vanish -Stealth: Vanish+Cheapshot macro -Shift Mouse4: Sdance+Cheapshot+Premed
+startattack macro -Alt Mouse4: Sdance+Garrote+Premed+startattack Macro
Mouse5: Auto Run -Shift Mouse5: Set Focus -Alt Mouse5: Tricks primary
-Ctrl Mouse5: Tricks secondary
Mwheelup: /focus arena1 -Shift mwheelup: Blind arena1
Mwheeldown: /focus arena2 -Shift mwheeldown: Blind arena2
MiddleMouse: /focus arena3 -Shift MiddleMouse: Blind arena3
Tab: Target Nearest Enemy PLAYER -Shift Tab: Target Last Target
Sdance Bar: Everything the same as normal bar except- 2: Ambush+startattack+Rocket Gloves
– Q: Stealth+Cheapshot+premed+startattack macro

Cataclysm Release date ( Projection )

Based on the past expansion and I’m assuming that they did not change it up this time.

So doing a little theory crafting on my own I found that when 3.02 was released it was 30 days before the release of wrath of the lich king. Based on that model if patch 4.0 is released next Tuesday ( 21st of September ) I can see it released on October 21st which is a Thursday ( Like WotLK ). Let’s say the patch is not released next Tuesday but the week after ( 28th of September ). Then you can see it on Thursday,October 28th. A couple big wow sites/blogs say it will be on November 2nd, I just don’t think they will let us play 4.0 for that long.

This is all based on speculation and please don’t hate me if it is wrong , I don’t work at Blizzard so it really is impossible to tell you the exact release date.