Neilyo’s keybindings

1: Evis+Startattack+Rocket Glvoes -Stealth: Unstealth -Shift 1: Racial -Ctrl 1: Bandage
2: Startattack Backstab/Mut -Stealth: Ambush -Shift 2 – PvP Trinket
3: Kidney -Stealth: Sap Macro -Shift 3: Secondary Trinket -Alt 3: Throw -Ctrl 3: FocusThrow
4: Gouge -Stealth: Garrote -Shift 4: Focus Gouge
5: Fan of Knives -Shift 5: Healthstone
6: Distract
~: Rupture (cold blood if I have step AND cold blood move rupture to Alt 2)
Q: Stealth -Stealthed: Cheap Shot -Shift Q: Slice n Dice -Ctrl Q: Mount
W: Forward
E: Blind -Shift E: Focus Blind
R: Kick+startattack -Shift R: Focus Kick -Ctrl R: Deadly Throw -Alt R: Focus Deadly Throw
T: Dismantle -Shift T: Focus Dismantle -Ctrl T: Cannabalize
-Alt T: Vanish+Cannabalize macro
A: Turn/strafe (holding right click) Left
S: Back
D: Turn/Strafe Right
F: Shadowstep -Shift F: Focus Shadowstep
G: Evasion -Shift G: Prep -Ctrl G: Food/cancel Hand of Protection
Z: Sprint -Shift Z: OffHand weapon swap -Alt Z: MainHand weapon swap
X: Startattack Hemo or Envenom -Stealth: Sap -Shift X: Expose -Stealthed Shift X: Focus Sap
C: Cloak -Shift C: Feint
V: Startattack Shiv -Shift V: Focus Shiv
Mouse4: Vanish -Stealth: Vanish+Cheapshot macro -Shift Mouse4: Sdance+Cheapshot+Premed
+startattack macro -Alt Mouse4: Sdance+Garrote+Premed+startattack Macro
Mouse5: Auto Run -Shift Mouse5: Set Focus -Alt Mouse5: Tricks primary
-Ctrl Mouse5: Tricks secondary
Mwheelup: /focus arena1 -Shift mwheelup: Blind arena1
Mwheeldown: /focus arena2 -Shift mwheeldown: Blind arena2
MiddleMouse: /focus arena3 -Shift MiddleMouse: Blind arena3
Tab: Target Nearest Enemy PLAYER -Shift Tab: Target Last Target
Sdance Bar: Everything the same as normal bar except- 2: Ambush+startattack+Rocket Gloves
– Q: Stealth+Cheapshot+premed+startattack macro


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