He/She Demons for warlocks ?

I’m happy to share we actually do have plans for offering players a choice between male and female versions of all warlock demons. This is a task already in our system, though I don’t have a time frame for you at the moment. Other art tasks could always take precedence, but we’re committed to making this happen.
So this is just my estimate on what the new demons will look like/be named.
Male Female
Imp, Same look Impress, Imp with breaticles
Voidwalker, Same look Voidpilates, Pink voidwalkers
Incubus, Succubus with hopefully more clothes Succubus, Sluttier outfit
Felguard, Same look Felguardly, Bright purple with binoculars and blonde ponytails-it wields an electric toothbrush- (That’s what she wants you to think /wink)
FelHunter, Looks more like a zergling FelHuntress, All yellow-leaves a trail of rainbow behind it-
Infernal, Same look but more glowing Infernal, It’s a rock…
Doomguard, Same look-but more roids- Doomgirly, pink/white in color-leaves a trail of daisies and roses-

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