Hallow’s End and MLG Orlando

Hallow’s End Changes

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  • This is the first MLG event with a repeat winner, HuK, who also won the first time Starcraft2 was played in MLG at Raleigh 2010.
  • This is the first MLG event where it was not the winner’s first appearance on the MLG circuit
  • This is the first MLG event since the GSL-MLG Exchange Program began where a Korean has not won.

Tournament Bracket


Beginners Guide: Improving your dps


  1. Know your DPS rotation
  2. Reduce latency
  3. Test out different specs
  4. Be hit capped

1. Your DPS rotation varies from class and spec. It also varies from player. If your wondering to get tips on a DPS rotation I would suggest Maxdps and the sticky posts in the official World of Warcraft forums. MaxDps has casual rotations but they are still good. The forums are a good place to start. If you have starting gear people will not make fun of you, they understand you are new and are just trying to get some tips.

2. This seems like a joke but yes it is true. The less latency most of the time the better DPS you will have. Certainly it is only a minor part of improving your DPS. If you really struggle with dps I suggest getting this addon Leatrix Latency Fix. What exactly does it do ? ” Leatrix Latency Fix will reduce your online gaming latency significantly by increasing the frequency of TCP acknowledgments sent to the game server. For the technically minded, this is a script which will modify Frequency. ” – Leatrix. Other tips I can give are reducing some in game graphics but keeping projected textures, Using less addons, and using less background programs.

3. Testing out different specs is a huge part of improving your DPS. Some specs are better for under geared players while as others are better for endgame players. You can test them out but researching a good pve spec. What I do is look on the forums for some good specs or I can browse World of Warcraft Armory for someone who was out dpsing me. By testing them out you can either do some heroics , actually raid , or just on the dummies.

4. Getting hit capped is an easy way  to boost DPS. Classes hit caps. Be aware alliance get 1% hit with spacegoats. ( Dreanei )

Advanced :

  1. Adapting to the fight
  2. Some bosses cater a certain class type
  3. Be mana / energy / rage efficient

1. By adapting to different boss fights you can time your spells better. For instance I am currently raiding on my arcane mage. I in know way say I am a pro master dps god. I can tell you that adapting to fights is easy knowing when you can arcane missles and stand there and channel the spell for extra dps. What people miss is though taking damage from dumb stuff like fire on the ground is not worth it. If you have to be constantly moving use instant spells. If you have a class that stacks ( I know very few that do not ) then know when you can use the stacks and move just in time. Most of these skills come in time and just playing your class and doing boss fights over and over. A good to practice if you have never done the boss fight before is looking up the strats on Tankspot . I would also search on youtube for ” *Insert boss name here* *insert your class here* pov “.

2. This may be common sense to the pros that already know this but some fights are just made to favor a different class. It is nothing to get stressed about , there are always fights that you are going to do better then them so it all evens out.

3. This is extremely important , mainly for the rage and mana users but I assume that energy or death runes could account here nicely. You know when people are good at DPS when they do not have to drink in the middle of a raid. If you blow through everything and you run out of mana super quick. Maybe next time you should spread them out better to maximize every second. It is not helping your dps to have to wait for your mana or rage to regen. I also suggest some mana pots if you are struggling with this.

That is about it, again I am not a master omg wtf bqq dps machine but I do know a thing or two.