Hallow’s End and MLG Orlando

Hallow’s End Changes

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  • This is the first MLG event with a repeat winner, HuK, who also won the first time Starcraft2 was played in MLG at Raleigh 2010.
  • This is the first MLG event where it was not the winner’s first appearance on the MLG circuit
  • This is the first MLG event since the GSL-MLG Exchange Program began where a Korean has not won.

Tournament Bracket


Zilea interviews Serrenia


Hey, Serennia, it’s been a long time since we’ve really talked. You’ve been pretty much MIA for close to a year. Where have you been and how have things been?


I really couldn’t provide an elaborate enough answer to that short of writing as novel but I’ll attempt to answer that with some sort of brevity. In short, ever since moving out from home and my father subsequently passing away, followed by my mother being diagnosed with cancer and having to go through treatment for that, things have been pretty up and down. In the last year, I spent part of it in California as some of you might have read in Bodi’s little articles (although that’s about as much truth as there is to them), but now I’m back in Texas where things have settled down for the most part.

During life, sometimes things just click on when or how you need to prioritize things and things clicked for the most part with me. I had to put my future ahead of everything else and in doing so, I pretty much dropped MMO’s and GameRiot cold turkey. Since doing so, I’ve gotten most of my biggest obstacles straightened out and plan to continue down this path. That isn’t to say I’ve stopped gaming entirely or won’t play another MMO (or WoW even), but for now, they come 2nd to everything else.

Are you doing ok? Do you at least have a roof over your head? Despite what a lot of people say most of the community on Gameriot and WoM really was concerned with your well-being.

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