Blizzcon 2010 and Cataclysm Beta: My thoughts

Blizzcon 2010

It was so much fun to go to blizzcon for third straight year! But once again it was a lot of lines, overpriced food, and skimpy succubus’s.

Top 10 at Blizzcon

  1. Tenacious D
  2. Diablo 3 beta test
  3. Blizzard Dota
  4. New PvP system in Diablo 3
  5. New Class in Diablo 3
  6. Jay Mohr
  7. New Razer Mousepad ! ( That line took about an hour , but was worth it ! )
  8. Meeting some new people
  9. Realm meetup
  10. Star-Jeweled

Blizzcon Videos Galore!


Because I love husky

Funny and now viral !


I will be  Live Streaming the beta pretty soon so stay tuned !

So Monchew , what is different from 4.01 and the beta ?

This is the best wow has been since release!

Well I can tell you one thing. Evey thing is different. If I have not said before this is the best expansion I have played to date. This is the best wow has been since release! Everything just fits and everything is so finely tuned that the experience you get we’ll playing cataclysm will be like no other.



Cataclysm Beta :Archaeology preview, Spectral Steed/Wolf Mounts ,Dark Phoenix,Sunflower Pets, New Thrall Model

Archaeology Preview

Mitran Guide ( Best Archaeology guide out there )

TotalHalibut ( Video Guide )


Blizzard preview

Spectral Wolf and Steed:

Dark phoenix mount, Sunflower pet

TB has quite a funny series going with this sunflower: