The problems I see with rated BG’s

The Problems:

These rated BG’s will be a hit in their own way. Just like arena, it does not appeal to everyone just a vast majority of the pvp community. We know there will be problems and hopefully I can shine some light on them.

Glitches, they are damaging the battleground populous. Now that the battlegrounds are rated these are something that should be brought to attention. Firstly, the Warsong levitate glitch. It’s so annoying to have this happen to you in a battleground but let’s face it if this happened in arena people would be furious. Second, the Arathi Basin fence jump glitch for alliance. ( Not tested on horde so correct me if I am wrong ) This is a glitch that is working as of right now 8/19/2010 that you can get on top of the house in ab and hop the fence. If you have a mech hog then you can leave your seat by the gate and have people jump in and you kick them out one by one. I have five capped a bunch of times and then sat outside the horde spawn to kill them. It is unbalanced and needs to be fixed for this system to work at all.

I think one more thing needs to be brought to are attention. People already sit on rating and get lazy after they reach a point. The fact that you cannot lose any rating makes this system bad and it seems to casual. Competitive activity whether it be in game or not needs to have a level of difficulty. If arena worked like this it would be so immensely easy that it would not even be taken seriously. I mean sure it is nice but where is the fun in Leader: ” We already lost let them win and we can try next game.” Random guy: ” We should try at least” Leader: ” Why we lose nothing ” Random guy: ” Meh, good point. ” When something is given to you , you lose that competitive spirit. The spirit feeling that  you  get when you are in a arena game and it comes down to a 1v1 and your team wins that feeling of accomplishment will mean nothing.

How to improve it:

The point ratio needs to scale with the points that you receive. The reason being so that if you beat a team rated 2000 1600-0 and get 50+ points, and another team beats the same 2000 rated team 1600-1550 and get 50+ points then what is the point in trying.


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